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The description

Payam Rasan Yes is an Iranian app for chatting and sending files. These days, the messaging app market has become very hot. Telegram, Line, WhatsApp, Viber, Wispy, etc. In the meantime, Iranian developers are not left out and have come up with good messengers. Among them are Soroush, Yes, Bisfon, Gap, Anar, etc. Perhaps, among foreign apps, due to the high acceptance of Telegram by Iranians, developers (and big supporters of hidden hands!) paid it the most attention, leading to updates. regular updates and prompt fixes of program bugs.

All this has made Telegram famous among Iranians as an excellent messenger. But this does not mean that other applications, including internal products, are unusable. Most of the time, many Iranian couriers meet our needs. Moreover, since their servers are internal, we are also convinced of their national security. Of course, we hope that the authorities will support these applications, because to compete with powerful programs like Telegram with this level of quality is really expensive and a startup or a software company cannot afford it alone.

Presentation Yes

Each of the Iranian messengers has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we have chosen “Yes” Messenger to introduce you. You can message your friends using this app in a Persian speaking environment (of course, English is also available); make a group; Create a chain; Use emoticons and stickers; Send photos, videos and files at the optimal speed and, best of all, simply buy top-ups, pay card by card; Pay bills and perform a number of other banking tasks.

This application is published by the National Bank and is carried out under the supervision of the Central Bank of its financial affairs, so you can safely use its financial and banking facilities. Like Telegram, yes Messenger uses bots to do most of the tasks and in this area it has almost the same efficiency, although there is still a lot of work to be done, but the proper installations of this program in the financial discussion and its reliability supporters give hope for the progress of this program. It should be noted that this program has a Windows version that will allow you to access all the functions of the program in the Windows environment.

Features and Functions of Yes Messenger:

  • Standard features like other multimedia messages
  • Optimal speed in sending files
  • It has financial facilities such as the purchase of recharge, card to card, etc.
  • Appropriate graphical appearance
  • It has a standalone Windows version
  • Ability to add a contact with ID and phone number
  • The ability to create channels and groups
  • Under the supervision of the Central Bank and with the support of the National Bank of Iran
  • And …

system required

32-bit/ 64-bit Windows

Android 5.1+

Images Messenger yes

messenger yes

Installation guide

This program is free and has no limitations; Download and install.

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