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The description

AppSpider is a powerful software solution for maintaining web and mobile application security that easily detects the vulnerability of your applications. This tool dynamically scans web and mobile software through the latest technologies for vulnerabilities, and while tracking changes to the application, it provides users with tools to repair damage. With the help of AppSpider Pro, you can plan, control and measure searches, and by viewing the data obtained, you can assess the progress of your software’s security.

AppSpider Pro does its research and testing in four steps. In the first phase, the program collects all pages, links, paths and parameters to prepare them for translation and analysis. In the second step, network traffic logging is done to understand non-viewable parts such as web services and REST API. In the third stage, AppSpider translates and interprets all the information obtained, and in the last stage, it performs a penetration test using 45 simulated attack methods to identify vulnerable parts.

AppSpider Software Features and Functionality:

  • Maintain web and mobile application security
  • Identify application vulnerability
  • Dynamic vulnerability analysis
  • Provide repair tools
  • Ability to plan, control and measure research
  • View software changes
  • Use of 45 simulated attack methods to perform penetration testing

system required

Supported operating systems
Windows 7 SP1 / 8.1 / 10

Server 2008 and higher

Material required

Multi-core processor
4 GB of RAM
1 network interface card (NIC)
500 GB of hard disk space

Software required
Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5 Redistributable Package
Internet Explorer (latest version)



Installation guide

It is given in the readme file.

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