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The description

AnyDesk is a suitable solution for remotely accessing different systems through the network. You can connect to multiple computers at the same time and manage their data. Thanks to the very simple user interface prepared for this software, any user can easily communicate with his space and quickly become familiar with its various functionalities. You can access the information you have stored on your other systems without having to download it. This will ensure your security and also improve data access speed and time.

Although you cannot exchange different files using this software, you can paste the copied data to your clipboard on other systems, and also if you took a screenshot from another system , you can have it in your system and save it in PNG format. Additionally, unattended connection is supported, allowing you to connect to the system of your choice without having to grant access from another system. Of course, to use this feature, you need to set a password so that no one can access your systems. For each user login, you can grant the necessary accesses or otherwise disable them.

AnyDesk program features and functionality:

  • AnyDesk supports unidirectional connections.
  • Beginner friendly user interface
  • Simultaneous connection to several different systems
  • Ability to copy clipboard to different systems

system required

Display (Customer)

For good performance, it is recommended to use at least a dual core processor and 2 GiB system memory with hardware accelerated video output. Direct3D or at least Direct Draw compatible hardware with 32 MiB video memory must be available.
AnyDesk will display an image with 1 GB of system memory installed, but performance will be significantly reduced.
Netbooks are generally too slow to provide maximum rendering performance.
On single processor systems, AnyDesk automatically switches to a lower quality rendering mode (16 bits per pixel) to conserve system resources.
Switching AnyDesk to full screen mode is highly recommended for maximum performance.

Presentation (Host)

The hardware requirements to present the desktop image in another location depends on the configuration.
To achieve 60 frames per second in normal mode, it is recommended to use at least a dual or higher quad-core processor with 1 GiB of system RAM. AnyDesk benefits if an Aero desktop scheme (material composition) is enabled in Windows.
With a mirror driver installed on Windows Terminal Server and Windows XP, the hardware requirements are the lowest.
To use the mirror driver on other systems, please check the “Force mirror driver” option in the options tab.
AnyDesk will run on a single-core processor and as little as 512 MiB of system RAM



Installation guide

The free version of this program is released as an alternative to Teamviewer.

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