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The description

Do you remember the Aero effect of Windows 7? (The same attractive glass effect above the windows). In new versions of Windows, including Windows 10, there is no news of this effect. Aero Glass is software that brings this effect to Windows 10. This tool is completely integrated into the Windows environment so that you feel that Windows itself has this effect. The program uses the capabilities of DirectX, so you will have very good speed and you will not experience any lag or delay. In the program settings you can determine the transparency and color of the background. With this program, all Windows windows are considered semi-transparent and the background is displayed as blurred.

The good feature of this program is its unique integration, so you don’t feel like any external software is running in the background. Due to the fact that the tool is native, you will not constantly encounter Windows security permissions. The implementation of this program does not interfere with the color scheme applied in the Windows Control Panel, and due to the low consumption of system resources, it can be run even on a laptop. Aero Glass uses very little RAM and CPU and does not require any background services to run (except Windows 8, of course, which requires a lightweight service to run in the background).

Aero Glass Tool Features and Features:

  • Apply Windows 7 Aero effect on Windows 10 windows
  • Blur content behind active window
  • Direct use of DirectX and totally Native
  • Low system resource usage (CPU RAM)
  • Can be used on a laptop without significant battery impact
  • The ability to set new colors for windows without interfering with Windows default colors
  • And …

system required

Terms: Windows 8.1 Windows 10 RS1 v1607 /RS2 v1703 [10.0.15063] 64 bit


Aero Glass

Installation guide

Install and use.

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