CICC program, use Quartus ⅱ 15

For the past few days I have been preparing for the telegram. Since the software needs to be reinforced in the development board during the game, I asked a great friend – God level.

First of all, you need to group the actions you want to compress into files.

click on “elephant”

A dialog box will appear as shown in the image below, select the option with the name. JJC in the Programming File Type column.


Select your development board options in the Configuration device column. Mine is epcq256 so I’m taking EPCQ256 as an example.


Next, in the input files to convert, select Flash Loader and then click Add Device. The dialog box in the figure below, select the development board model.


After that SOF data click “Add File”. Select the files that are grouped into files. I just wrote an LED program.


After completing the above operations, click Generator to generate the .jjc files.


After generating the .jjc file, the steps of the previously written program are almost the same.


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