Change the issue with which the Apache port handles other programs on the Xampp platform within Windows

Windows 7 starts with XAMPP after installation, which calls port 443, which will be occupied by other programs.

Online solution – order:

* Open up httpd-ssl.conf in path2xampp\apache\conf\extra
* Look for the line Listen 443
* Change port number to anything you want. I use 4430. ex. Listen 4430.
* Replace every 443 string with 4430. Save the file.

After changing this method, save the CONF file, restart the XAMPP control panel, and it still causes the same problem, still the same~~

Last resort:

Click Configuration (not Apache Configuration) in the upper right corner of the Xampppppprol panel, then click the Service and Port Setting button.

Change main port => 8080, SSL port => 4433, restart XAMPP control panel.

At the same time 80 => 8080 in httpd.conf, change 443 => 44333 in htpd-ssl.conf

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