CDH Hiveserver2 abnormal output

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In the process of using the CDH cluster, the problem is that Hiveserver2 has just started and the client has abnormally terminated after visiting the client.

1. Process Analysis:

See the above three blogs, and use JSTAT to monitor. The following prompt will appear:


When the Hiveserver2 red box was killed;

During CDH monitoring, this is called an Outefmemory:



2. Temporarily resolved:

The prompt appears here, indicating that the memory is not enough, the memory is increasing, and the tuning content is as follows:


The initial configuration is as follows:


Currently use JSTAT Monitor and you can find:







You can see from the data above:

1. The memory will be swapped between S0 and S1. When Hiveserver2 exits for the first time, it finds that S0 and S1 are 100%. At the same time, full GC is executed multiple times to cause memory overflow;

2. When the parameters are modified, the new generation GC is not often found. After each YGC, the utilization share in the E region will decrease;

3. Increasing the area of ​​occupation. When full GC occurs, the O region can be cleared, so the fraction will decrease;

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