Cards program version 1.0 for Android

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cardsCards program version 1.0 for Android

The existence of different classes in human societies has caused different needs to arise among them. These requirements differ according to people’s occupation and their view of daily life issues, and everyone searches for different topics and collects information about them according to their taste. These days, with the advancement of technologies such as the internet and mobile applications, relevant resources are not far out of reach.

Some of the main features and capabilities of the program:

  • The ability to save category cards
  • The possibility of sharing the text of the cards as well as copying the front or back of the card
  • The ability to view cards online
  • Change your phone’s background picture from within the Video Cards app
  • Possibility of broadcasting over the Internet in addition to providing audio for sound cards
  • The ability to save cards in “My Box” to review cards again
  • Search cards live based on category name, plus the ability to search for saved cards
  • Widget is the number of cards in your box
  • A notice to learn more about the cards in your chest
  • The ability to send comments for each category and display user comments
  • And the …

In this program, you will encounter a variety of subjects, or in other words, a class of cards with the following subjects:

  • cooking
  • entertainment
  • sports
  • Music
  • football
  • short message
  • literature
  • accepted test
  • geography
  • comedy
  • Einglish
  • art
  • And dozens of other topics

The cards in the program are updated. Missing card class you want? You can add your favorite category and card to the program yourself.
Cards is an all-in-one software that meets your needs so that you don’t encounter many programs on your phone.
If you are looking for a specific topic, just play the cards.

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