Calc + Powerful Calculator PRO 1.2.4 Calculator Android Application

Android application / Android office and administrative Salar 8887 February 19, 2013

Powerful Calculator CalculatorCalc+ is a powerful calculator

Do you have a calculator with all the features such as: correcting numbers and operations (four main actions), using the results of previous calculations for subsequent calculations, saving and sharing the results of calculations in a notebook? +calc does all of these things.

+ calc is a special arithmetic application and one of the smartest and most powerful in the field; Of course, it is designed with a nice design, easy to use and beautiful themes.

Unique features of this app:
  • Perform separate calculations and view the results of each in one line so you can see all of your calculations at a glance.
  • Using the result of previous calculations and continuing calculations.
  • The possibility of correcting numbers and verbs when an error occurs.
  • Calculation results are updated automatically according to corrections and changes applied and your assistance.
  • Share accounts details with your friend and also save them to diary software.
  • Save detailed accounts to continue working at another time.
  • Various and multiple themes according to your desire (keyboard designs, Android themes, …).

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