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Bazaar Cafe

Bazaar Cafe

Downloading Android apps on Google Play Store is one of the common problems of Iranian users with Android devices. Bazaar is a program for downloading Iranian and foreign Android software. There are more than 120,000 active programs on the market, organized into 20 different categories. Weather, Cooking, Restaurants, Education, Tools, Finance, Medical, Fitness, Shopping, Mobility, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Travel, Personalization, Photography, Video, Books, Journalism, Kids, Religious, Music, Sports There are categories of Market apps. To search the bazaar software, just type in your keyword from the first page or go to the desired category, choose the topic from the subcategories of each section, download and use the software by reading the information and descriptions.
Internet traffic to download programs, play games, watch movies and series in the country for half the price.

Cafe Bazaar software features

  • Get apps in specific categories
  • Ability to download and continue downloading (resume)
  • The possibility of linking to a user account in Cafe Bazaar
  • The possibility of purchasing Persian software
  • Widget support

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to download from the market?

Yes, downloading from the Market is free, and the traffic consumed is half the price. But some programs have in-app payment.

Does the marketplace and the software in it have the necessary security?

Yes, Bazaar is equipped with a security shield that scans programs with antiviruses, and as soon as a malicious program is detected, it informs the user to delete this program from his devices.

Can downloaded files be saved from the market?

Yes, from the Market settings, enable the option to backup apps.

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