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Battery expert

Battery expert

Battery Guru is dedicated to taking care of battery health and improving its performance. The Battery Guru app displays battery usage information, measures battery capacity, estimates charging time and battery usage, and helps you improve charging habits with helpful tips to extend battery life. Change and extend battery life. Batteries have a limited lifespan, every time you charge your device it reduces its total capacity. In the Protection section of the Battery Guru app, you can set reminders for battery temperature, charge limit, and abnormal battery usage. Battery Guru will notify you when you reach any of the thresholds.

Some features of Battery Guru

  • Show battery health percentage
  • View information about the battery: voltage, temperature, battery capacity and health status, date of charge / discharge of the battery …
  • Use charge and temperature alert notification to extend battery life
  • Accurate use of applications
  • View the remaining charge time to see how long it will take to charge the battery
  • Display remaining usage time so you know when your battery is running low
  • Optimize and reduce battery consumption and configure parameters with the Doze feature
  • Detailed notification of real-time battery stats

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