Balad 4.63.0 Balad is a map application and router for Android handsets

Android router and locator / Persian apps for Android Salar 505094 November 17, 1401

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(Balad) is an Android application and a smart Persian router that helps you with quick and optimal routing with a very detailed map of all parts of Iran. Router Balad, like similar foreign programs such as Wiz and Google Maps, will guide you to your destination as quickly as possible by taking into account Internet traffic and calculating the shortest travel time in the city.

Some country features

  • Routing according to real-time traffic throughout Iran
  • Persian user interface and map
  • View live traffic information
  • a voice assistant by stating the street name in different voices (currently Persian, Turkish, and soon other languages ​​and dialects); Along with two modes, Normal and Summary
  • Presentation and implementation of the traffic plan and the individual and pair plan in guidance (currently in Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad and Qom)
  • Possibility to download offline maps of different regions of the country
  • Suggest several different ways of routing
  • The ability to choose the desired asset
  • View and warn of police and cameras on the road
  • Display speedometer and speed limit while driving
  • View building license plates (currently only in Tehran)
  • View and search for important and famous points (gas stations, subway and bus stations, schools and universities, mosques and libraries, medical centers, shopping centers, service centers, cultural, sports, entertainment centers, etc.)
  • View information of selected points on the map (contact number, opening hours, etc.)
  • The possibility of entering a report while driving (police, camera, wrong street name, prohibited … etc.)
  • The possibility of choosing the interior car icon as an indicator in the steering
  • Automatic change of day and night mode
  • Optimized battery and internet usage
  • And the…

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