At present, the forward development of the sun is different, and it can replace the back more.

The current trend of front-end development is more comprehensive. Some colleagues around you go from PHP to the front end, which is also equivalent to recommending a confused person.

I am doing front-end development, and I quickly get to work, but in the era of React, Vue, ng three force has already talked about breaking up with jQuery and reacting. At present, the development development has been divided, and many companies have integrated with the internal spring and the front end. Back-end development focuses more on the data layer problem, while the front-end focuses entirely on page development and interaction.

Is the front just a cutout? The answer is no. And with the advent of the front end and ES6ES7, data processing has become more of a mental process than a back end. As a result, front-line personnel began to organize data structure tuning, filtering, and processing. It’s the first thing not done, cropping the image

The back end is the front end server. With the development of node and webpack, the front end also introduces the server (SSR) but no longer needs to put the page into Java for rendering, but front-end developers also need to build a node server cluster that supports front-end pages on the server. This is the second thing that cannot be played.

Most of the front-end installation nodes are now reproduced and you can do some things server-side instead of the back-end worker. Downloading, etc. These issues are based solely on the users. The browser cannot support playback and generation, and all of this may be related to the current user’s work. It can only be passed to the server to perform the operation and create a file. For front-end technical processing, the back-end must provide data. The technology inside is a bit complicated.

Data visualization is currently the most algorithm-biased front-end direction. At the same time, many big data industries need to do data visualization. Of course, the so-called visualization is not just a graph generated by Ehart, etc. After all, the restrictions are too great. The data analysis industry often has its own analysis map, most of which are made of D3, such as stock structure chart, Tianyancha, etc. These technologies indicate that front-end technology is growing. The threshold is set to rise and higher.

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