AppLock Premium 5.6.1 + Lite locks different parts of your Android phone

Android Application / Android Security Salar 30295 November 21, 1401
app lock

app lock

The program is very useful in restricting access to the programs installed on your Android phone or tablet. AppLock comes with multiple tools to protect your privacy with a password, pattern and fingerprint scanner. App lock software can restrict access to different apps and can also hide photos and videos stored on the device. It comes with an option to prevent unauthorized access within AppLock, and in case you forget the password, you need to set up an email address in advance for password recovery.

The AppLock icon can be hidden on the device and there is also an option to set a random numeric keypad. You can block incoming calls and there is also an option to restrict access to Google Play and block payments made through the platform. The app has a power saving mode and a feature to prevent other apps from being deleted.

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