Application 5.1.6 Android Easy Mobile Payment Program

Android program / Persian Android programs Salar 318,346 November 17, 1401
easy payment (app)

easy payment (app)

is a very useful and free application for Android in the field of payment, by installing which, in addition to having access to all the services offered in the system # 733, it is possible to use the application’s exclusive services. It is possible to inquire about the balance of the bank card related to the national banks, Agriculture, Sibih, New Economy Bank, Bank Shahr, Dey, Ansar, Hikmat Irani, Mehr Ikhtousad, Ayendeh, Postal Bank, Qavamin, Capital, Iran Zamin, Cooperative Development Bank, Tourism Bank , Industry and Mining, Saman, Resalat, Kosar, Middle East, Persians, Trade, Pasargadae, Housing, Welfare of Workers, Nation, Nations, Light, Development and Seal of Iran. Every time you use the app services, you will get points and you can be one of the lucky lottery winners in different festivals. Up Festivals include monthly prizes of 100 million tomans and a special prize of 1 billion tomans, among other amazing prizes. If you do not have access to the Internet, you can make your payments through system # 733.

Some features of the Android app

  • Possibility of paying highway tolls
  • Buy train tickets
  • Buy a bus ticket
  • Iranian and foreign hotel reservations
  • Buy airline tickets, domestic and international airline tickets
  • Query and pay the landline phone bill.
  • inquiry and mobile phone bill payment,
  • pay the tax bill,
  • municipal bill payment,
  • pay electricity bill, water bill,
  • bank card balance and account balance,
  • Card card access easily
  • Charity and help charities
  • Withdraw the debit card balance
  • Possibility to purchase a traffic plan for the required date
  • Buy and recharge Asiatec Internet
  • Purchase and charge internet shuttle service
  • Buying and recharging the Internet balance for communications
  • Buy and recharge Sabant Internet
  • Payment of traffic fines
  • The ability to view transaction records
  • Inquire about the temporary bill and the expiry of the permanent lines with the first utility
  • Car arrears payment – an overdue bill
  • Buy Irancell recharge, first mobile recharge, Raitel and other operators
  • Buy internet package from Irancell, Awal Mobile Internet and other operators
  • Possibility to purchase all types of insurance (third party insurance – life insurance – fire insurance – travel insurance)
  • Payment code, easy to pay without card and without cash

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